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Absolutely, it can cause frequent urination. When you are anxious, what hormone do you feel most? Adrenaline! Adrenaline speeds up your metabolism.... it makes perfect sense that increased anxiety=increased andrenaline=increased metabolisation=increased urination.

As for your IBS comment, I have noticed that when I am not as solid as I should be, I urinate more. I assume that this is because there is more water in my stool than usual and my colon is doing it's job and reclaiming the fluid. Once the runny stool passes, my urination returns to normal. Stress can certainly cause digestive problems, often the runs, which have more fluid, which kicks the colon into overdrive.

I try to avoid any medication to control these problems. I just drink plenty of water. I know that pepto or something similar helps, but then I end up constipated. Not worth if for me!! That's just treating the symptoms, though, not the initial cause of your anxiety.

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