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[QUOTE=skittles411]I'm looking into researching more about the physical and biochemical causes of Anxiety because I'd like to know what processes are going on that lead to such spells. For a while I've felt like I'm out of balance, so to speak, and who knows maybe a change in diet in addition to reducing stress and all the other suggestions short of taking medication (which I am trying to avoid) may help.

If anyone knows any permissable websites regarding the physical/biochemical causes of anxiety, I'd appreciate it if you could post them. Or if they're not permissable, if you could tell me what to search for. I'm also interested in books, etc.

Has anyone else spent time looking into this?

I lead a rather active life, and I'm very much not at a point where I can afford to be debilitated by this (thanks genetics!). I'm still in college and I still have a high GPA, and the last thing I want to do is fall behind in classes because of this (which I felt this was happening in the past few weeks). I intend to seek counseling to help with stress once the spring semester begins. But I figure counseling can only go so far. Like I've said, I'd like to do this without drugs if at all possible, so I'm willing to put the time into researching this stuff.

Hi. there. I suffer from GAD and I know what you mean about the medication part. I refuse to go on medication and just try to deal with it with a positive attitude. May I recommend a book? It's called from panic to power by lucinda bassett. It would probably interest you very much. She also has a website as well. I think you will be very pleased. Also, vitamin B works very well in relieving symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. I hear magnesium as well. Any time you would like to talk, let me know. :-)

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