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Dear kandiapple23,
I would say the reason you are not getting any responses is that they are either stumped or you are scarying the crap out of them. It seems you have had quite a few tests to rule out just about everything possible to be causing this. I would continue to look into the ENT for an ear problem but I don't know if I would go to the same one that you started with. I can say that when I first was hit with a panic disorder that it came on without really any warning and it jerked me all over the place. I had to move around as you did. The thing about panic disorder and I don't mean anxiety, stress related etc., what ever you fear the most is what symptom or feeling you will get. Panic disorder is just the mind playing tricks on you and it knows what scares the crap out of you. When you finally except it as just this without fear, it will change to something else to get to you again. When you can feel something, except it, and ignore it, you will be able to manage it. Some panic disorders and I can attest to this, just can't be explained. They do not physically harm you, but annoy the heck out of you. Doctors and Psychratrist just don't have any answers but I can tell you that: Everything is related to adenalin rush which seems to be generated from the stomach area but created by the mind. When you drop, say riding in a car over a bump, you get a feeling of weightlessness for an instant in your stomach. Your mind can give you this sort of rush or any other kind for that matter, which would give you the feeling of dropping or falling. I lay in bed and sometimes I have the same feeling of rocking back and forth, as though either I am moving or the room is. Sometimes I think you start to tend to actually move with the sensation and that is why it may appear that way to others. You probably should take and anti-depressant for depression caused by having to deal with this but I think you, like I, need to be on a benzo medication such as Klonopin or xanax. These are safer then sleeping pills (tranquilizers). They will stop the panic symptoms instead of just knocking you out. I also take an anti-siezure medication which seems to help with twiches and jerks, spasms, etc. but I don't know if you need something like that. I know this is not what you want to hear but you are looking for answers, so I am just telling you that nothing is unusual with panic disorder. You just have to learn to manage it and it will be less active. You need to talk to your Psychratrist about getting the right type of medications for this. Just my opinion of course, but I am pretty much familiar with every symptom that I have heard anyone talk about. I hope things work out for you, think positive and don't be afraid. Good luck.


Sickman :)

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