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I think I may have anxiety disorder, but I am not sure because maybe it's my environment, but maybe it's me, and maybe it's both. Maybe I don't even have a disorder. Can anyone help me find out for sure if I have this or not? Like what is a sure sign of having it etc.?
There is no sure sign that says what you have is an anxiety disorder.
The symptoms that people feel with anxiety disorder can mimic other low or high blood sugar, thyroid problems and other things.
A good Doctor would listen to your symptoms and then order tests to rule out anything else first.
I was only 16 years old when I started having panic attacks, my Doctor did blood tests, EKG... etc. and when they all came back normal that's when he told me that what I had was panic disorder.
No least not a good one...should ever diagnoise panic disorder without first running test.
Someone may have a different opinion, but that's just mine.

BTW...what are you feeling that makes you wonder if you have anxiety disorder?

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