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[QUOTE=debbiep]Dear Lisa,you poor ,poor does sound like panic attacks but it can be a fine line for a diagnosis as there are so many illness with the same symptoms.Being a female ,have you noticed if it has any relation to your monthly cycle,meaning hormonal. You are probably at a stage where as the more you panic about your symptoms the worse you feel....I remember going through a similiar time.Its not easy especially when your trying to work out what you have. As easy as this may sound need to relax. Sometimes go with the feelings for awhile try not to be frighten of them or fight them off just yet. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down ,change things in your life you dont like etc ....maybe its time to think about you and what you enjoy and whats habit....I feel that because you have had some tests and they are all fine that this could all be a build up or tension,stress ,anxiety.... The discomfort in your chest could be tensing muscles same with the stomach ,without realising it...the body goes through a lot in a panic attack.I have no advice to give other than try not to be scared.....Im sure it will be alright...I know that my panic disorder lasted a while but now I have looked back and seen how much I have changed for the better and my life too,eventhough I have always been a quite soft type of person..that was my problem,hehehe...I need to come out and speak up and take control ,which then gave me my confidence back and the panic attacks have now subsided and Im feeling normal again...I only tell you this as if you feel you are going through panic attacks ,grow from just takes time ,thats the hard part...takecare and goodluck.Thinking of you debbiepxx[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for taking to time to read my long post and send me a long reply debbie, I really appreciate it. It's nice for someone to just listen and understand for once. Thanks for all your good advice too. I do occasionally think some of my symptoms are hormonal (the headaches certainly are) but it doesn't explain the rest of the time.
What did you do to overcome your anxiety? As I said I tried CBT, good but expensive. I'm on the NHS waiting list now (probably 6 months yet) and can't afford any more private sessions (94 each time!). I am trying to relax more, but even when I think I'm relaxed maybe I'm not. I thought I was really relaxed a while ago and my doctor said I was all tense and even my step-mum noticed it too. I guess you get more and more used to living like this and it starts to feel normal. I am trying to eat more healthy and to get fit again too.
Anyway thanks again and good luck to anyone who's battling this too.

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