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Re: Klonopin
Jan 21, 2004
Yes, you will know immediately how it's going to work. Unlike an AD, it doesn't have to build up in your system.
It has a longer life than xanax & supposed to be less addictive. Right now I'm on it every nite, til my new AD kicks in fully. I have been trying to find a new AD since Oct. so naturally, my stress/anxiety level is quite high, so I imagine that is why I'm on it nitely for now, plus one of the AD's they tried caused insomnia & then I obsessed about not being able to sleep, so the Klonopin is helping me get the sleep I need. I would think once the AD kicks in fully, I won't be taking the Klonopin on a regular basis. Compared to xanax, I prefer Klonopin. You don't feel it kick in or wear off like most do with xanax which is only good for about 4 hours or so & supposed to be more addictive than Klonopin.
Re: Klonopin
Jan 24, 2004
your seeking various opinions I gather - so heres a different one

it depends of course what kind of anxiety - panic you are having - I myself feel that there is no one origin but varies from person to person -the only similarity being all of it has to do with the peripheral nervous system.

I am diagnosed with panic disorder (static) - you can treat it but not cure it - so opinions do and always will vary. Klonopin has worked wonders for me. I do not take it when I feel a panic attack starting - I just take it twice daily everyday regardless of state of mind - Klonopin was not designed to act like ativan or xanax - Klonopin is also used for epilepsy and is very useful at first but usually wears off in about three or four months that is why stronger seizure meds are used like tegretol or now tripelptal and lamotrigine.. anyway the principle reason some success with Klonopin is noted for seizures is that it builds up in you blood.. I was on ativan for 7 years - three times daily - mostly stuck to that - and when I quit I quit in day.. and had no withdrawel - the key being at 1.5 a day your not going to get addicted to a small daily dose like that unless your a hamster. - ativan stays in your blood about 4 hours so it was always a losing battle to panic attacks. However ativan and its big brother zanax are the meds to use if you just want a benzo for the immediate response to panic attacks.. They are quicker into your blood via the under the tongue melt method - but klonopin while it can be used like that takes about an hour to do the same thing that ativan or xanax does in 15 minutes - (unless we start talking the mental placebo effect of magic bullet saving graces) . If you going to be on Klonopin take twice a day at .5 - take it on time every 12 hours it is longer lasting in the system - twice that of xanax and xanax is about twice that of ativan (at the same .5 dose) - the result should be that you have blood coverage for the panic attacks and you don't have to play catch up or march around or roll around or freak out while you wait for the panic attack to go strolling...

In terms of addiction - at .5 twice daily its not going to be a big problem to wean yourself off klonopin if you make that choice.. at age 48 I have been on many meds over the years - I have no tardive - and I have had no bad reactions to ever going off of anything.. In my mind if I have to take klonopin the rest of my life to avoid even just one more panic attack its okay by me.. Its not like I am saving myself for anything else at this point in life... good luck with your own discoveries - for the record at this present point in time I am not on any antidepressants nor anti psychotics and rely only on .5 klonopin each day - and have not had any panic attacks for three entire months...

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