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Male 56 years old. Unemployed for 3 years. Back surgery 1 year ago (February 03) Last March I developed arm and leg nerve problems which is getting better. I have breathing problems also. Oh I'm just fine the doctors say. I take Lorazepam 1 mg. I'm stressed every day about something. I need to change my life otherwise I am going to die sooner than I would like. So I am moving to Phoenix, AZ. It took 2 months for a loan for a small house and I'm still waiting, boy lots of stress this month. Changing my life is creating more stress and then being away from my wife for a couple of months while she sells this house, great more stress. So I should take more Lorazepam or just croke from the stress. Exercise you say, that causes my breathing problems (since July 3, 03). One good thing. I have a dog. Another good thing, I go to church and study the bible. It is a good stress reliever too. Well anyway a job would help a lot. Hope I get one in Phoenix. Yes there are some days that I just want to go to sleep and die and other days I really want to live. The want to live days out number the die days, thank god. Oh well I guess I complained enought for one post.


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