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I've taken both.
My personal opinion...and this is my opinion that I would never touch Zoloft again.
The chemical imbalance thing is only a theroy, no one knows for sure what causes this...remember I'm not a Doctor, but have been told by more than one about the chemical imbalance thing being a theory only.
Even the Zoloft ads themselves say something like..."Although the cause of social anxiety is unknow it MAY BE caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain."

Addiction and Dependence are two different things, Xanax doesn't cause addiction it causes dependence or some people, not all people.

I took Xanax everyday of my life for seven years...I took a very low dose...1/4MG twice a day.
Never felt like I "Had" to have it and never felt the need to take more and I never relied on it....but everyone is different, I had no problems at all, but some people do.
Like I said I would never touch Zoloft again, but some people have great success with it.

I don't have panic attacks anymore and am in the process of weaning off of it...something that you have to should never just stop taking any of these drugs cold turkey.
I'm having no problems at all with the weaning.

I won't get into your reactional use of Xanax, I'm not here to judge people.

This is just a suggestion, but it's what my Doctor told me.
He said just because the bottle said I could take up to 1MG a day, didn't mean I HAD to take 1MG a day.
He said if I could take less, that was great...but to NEVER under any circumstances to take more.

Yes, Xanax has side effects but so does Zoloft.
Actually any of the SSRI's or Benzo's do.

In the end however you decided to handle this disorder is up to you.
Just research it and then make the decision for yourself.

Remember I'm not a Doctor, this is just my opinion and my opinion only.

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