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[QUOTE=Sickman]Dear Aries872,
Well, I am also on it because I have been on it for so long that I would not be able to change to something else. I did not start on 4mg. I was on 0.25mg three times a day and it was all that would work for me. Panic disorder caused from ptsd and illnesses from a period in my young adulthood started me on xanax from a very severe panic attack. A couple of years later I was on 0.5mg 3 times a day after losing a couple of professional jobs being a top manager for 20 years. I then lost a couple more jobs and then went into my own business trying to stay in the work force and I finally could no longer work. I had been taking an ssri during all of this time so my new Psychratrist decided to take me off of it and I trusted him, went off to fast and was asleep for 8 days. It took 4mg xanax a day, 1200mg neurontin a day and 20mg celexa to halfway straighten me out along with firing my Psychratrist. I have more then panic disorder, I have an un-diagnosible muscular skeletal disorder of siezures and spasms everyday. I get hard electric shocks from my waist to the top of my head quite often. When I have panic attacks I heat up like I am on fire and the left side of my body is 1 degree colder then the right. I also have ocd and some depression that I try to keep down. I now have found out that I have diastasis recti in the abdomen which means my outer vertical stomach muscles are spreading apart like when a woman is pregnant from the muscle spasms and I have a hernia in my belly button. So you see the closest thing that they can relate to me is two cases of people that had similiar symptoms but not as many. Both people were struck by lighting. Since they can not do anything for me and this is my future, they really don't care about me taking 4mg of xanax or more for the rest of my life. I have had so many panic attacks and different symptoms that this is old hat. The xanax is more of a muscle relaxer then anything now, and it works. I do not recomemd xanax unless it is the only thing to stop panic attacks. Klonopin is the best choice if the answer is a benzo. Addiction is not the problem unless you abuse it. Stopping the attacks is what is important because the longer you mess around trying things that don't work the worse it will get and you will aquire a fear of the medications and have attacks. It a war zone isn't it? Man, sorry to ramble on so. This is such a hard disorder for anyone to deal with and everyone reacts different to everything. Well, thats why I am on xanax in a short version. I hope I made some sort of sence about this. Have a very nice day my Friend.


Sickman :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for sharing that with me. Helps me understand a little bit of your situation. I am starting to have doubts about xanax. I feel on the verge of an anxiety attack for the past 3 days and the xanax doesnt seem to be helping like it used to. I am convinced that I have heart problems now. I started lexapro too, last week, and I am on 5mg to start. I am so tired of being scared all the time. I am convinced that I am gonna drop at any time. I have had tests, ekg, thyroid, liver, kidney, etc, but I am still worried. My Dad just had an angioplasty last week for 3 blockages in his heart. I am not well and I dont know what to do anymore. These thoughts are consuming my life.


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