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[QUOTE=stellinator]I initially get very tired but then it tapers off. It's that "very tired" part that bugs me. I need to take it about 6 hours later (as opposed to xanax 12 hours later). Of course the xanax was 1mg extended release and the klonopin is .05mg twice a day. The withdrawal effects are not as bad as xanax though. I don't know yet, I'll give it longer to see. Who's on klonopin and what mg's are you on? Thanx for you support guys![/QUOTE]

Dear stellinator,
As you should know by now that I don't care about the word addiction but I am not going to argue that xanax is the strongest of the benzos and is basically used to determine the equivelant strenght of the others. I do care about abuse of the benzos which is not the case here. The two mediations are similiar and are shown as having the same strength although xanax kicks in quicker. The xanax extended release was supposed to work like Klonopin and last around the clock. This seems from tests and the users to not be the case. It is only lasting a little longer then regular xanax. Xanax and Klonopin are probably the two most similiar benzos but the properties are still not exactly the same as I posted before. Any change you make using a benzo will cause drozziness for a short period of time. If you are taking it again at 6 hours you should consult your Doctor about this and up the medicaton to 1mg twice a day and not spread it over 6 hour periods. You have dropped your dosage equivelant by 1mg in 24 hours at 0.5mg twice a day as opposed to 1mg of xanax XR twice. This again may knock you for a loop as far as being tired buy you need to check the symptoms as your first concern. The effects of drozziness will wear off as stated by the other poster after a short time. Nothing you can do about that. Klonopin would be the better choice of benzo for long term usage if you can manage with it. If not then you are probably stuck with xanax. Give it a chance and don't try to relate it to xanax or any other medication. Concentrate on what it is doing for your disorder without a comparision as much as you can. If it works for you then great, if it doesn't then you know what did. Good luck and have a nice day.


Sickman :)

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