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[QUOTE=lbp35]Billy, From reading some of your earlier posts, I did order the book. Your so right about not knowing HOW to stop worrying. Most of the books i've read were that way, so maybe this one will help! I can't wait to get some relief, I am going to try so hard. The increased Lexapro is helping some but I still find myself obsessing too much! Just an example, I had my gyno appointment about 3 weeks ago. I was scared to death she would tell me I had cervical cancer. In my mind, I had myself dead and buried. Don't you think there is something wrong...LOL! It turned out to be fine, so I found something else to obsess about. It is never ending. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take until you saw some improvement? Do you think the cbt worked more than meds or both? Did you see a doctor? Thanks again! Lori j, I have never heard of this one, is it new? How long have you been taking it? I am so glad you are feeling good, I can't wait for the day! Thanks to you both and continued great success! :)[/QUOTE]

Hi lbp35-
I think you will like the book and if you do and are feeling ready for more I have another one to recommend to you if you are interested :) This book is short and simple but lots of good CBT based advice and Obitz even talks specifically about how he was always told not to worry but didn't know how to stop and uses a great light switch anology about CBT teraching him how to stop worrying.
I know what you mean about obsessing over your health... I was convinced I had just about every serious ailment under the sun for many years. Thanks to CBT I eventually learned it has little to do with the symptoms and everything to do with the way I was thinking about the symptoms. You certainly sopund determined to work hard and if you do I have no doubt you will find some success with CBT :nono:
Of course I don't mind your questions; I offered to try and answer any you have didn't I :bouncing:
Like I said earlier I struggled with the tools pretty hard early on but at around six weeks into learning and using the tools I began to see some progress and that in turn encouraged me. Some people get results quicker and some a little slower and a lot depends on how much effort you are putting into using the tools. It was amzing how much progress I made over the following six weeks as things really began to click for me and my progress really accelerated from there. A few months later I was able to wean myself off of all meds and have not looked back and feel better than ever and still practice the tools several times a week and whenever I am feeling stressed.
I was on many different meds over the years and they certainly helped me, but it was CBT that gave me my life back and got me off the meds. I think being on them did make it easier for me to learn CBT and I may not have lived long enough to discover CBT without the meds, but I am thankful to be free of them now. I saw many many docs and psychiatrists over the years. I did consult with my old psychiatrist about weaning off the meds when I felt I was ready to try and do this (that was scary after being on them for so long in and of itself, especially after having several docs tell me I would be on them for the rest of my life) and I was scared enough that I weaned off them twice as slow as my psychiatrist told me to. I would never tell anyone to rush into weaning off of meds as the better you are at using the CBT tools the easier it will be to wean off the meds as it was really scary at the time!

Take care and feel free to ask anymore questions you have. You deserve to be proud of yourself as you are making a commitment to help yourself get better :D


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