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I read your post a month or so ago about your out-of-control problem with acquiring xanax on line. First I want to reassure you that we are NOT here to judge you on this board. We're here to help. Yes xanax can be addicting and for that reason, it causes us to be prisoners within our own bodies and we make make hasty choices before we think it thru.

So, with that said - how long have you been acquiring the on-line meds? Is your doctor aware that you've done that? Be honest with your doc and let him know that you think it may be out of control, and you'd like to switch meds in an effort to gradually wean off the xanax.

From my personal experience, xanax is the ONLY med that makes me feel totally normally. And yes your body builds up a tolerance after awhile and you need more to get the same calming effect.

So I said all that to say that there's hope in weaning you to a different med. I'm hearing a lot of positive things about klonopin. Could you try that as an alternative? Just talk to your doc. He should be understanding especially if you're willing to open up and tell him your problem with the on-line purchases. The other reason to try and get this under control is because you never know if the meds you're purchasing on-line are legit and contain the actual substance you think you're buying. So please beware on that.

Keep us posted on how it turns out.

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