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[QUOTE=Mandy79pa]Hey Everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else had vivid nightmares? I had a nightmare so bad the other night, i just keep pondering on what it ment. In the dream i got shot in my side, and nobody in my family would take me to the hospital, i was bleeding pretty bad, and it was just really terrible? that is freaky and freaked me out. anyone else get this????


I also have had horrible dreams. Often they include mutilation, murder, dismembered bodies. All sorts of horrible things and they play out like movies. Many times I wake up in the middle of the night several times soaked in sweat and heart racing. One thing that helps me cope is to create an alternate ending to my nightmare. Like once I was sitting in the theater and stepped on a dismembered body in my dream. Everyone parted around me in shock and I was like what? what? looked down and saw I was stepping on a cut off breast, looked around and saw arms legs and the head with a horrible expression. I couldn't even bear to look at it in my dream and only saw it through perhipheral vision. When I woke up I applied a technique called "freeze frame" and thought about something I appreciated in life that gives me comfort and breathed slowly then created an alternate ending in my head. I replayed the dream in my head then imagined the lights going on in the theater with some studio theater prop guy who was laughing carrying a box and started yelling " alright who the hell threw these props everywhere " and proceeded to pick up the body parts and put em in a box. by changing the ending in your mind it makes it less intense. Another time I dreamt I strangled my grandmother to death with one of those string things. To lessen the intensity it had on me I created the alternate ending of the string snapping and imagined her saying to me silly boy why did you wrap candy string around me? and had her proceed to playfully eat the candy string with me. Dunno sounds kinda lame but it helps me alot. I read about this technique on a sleep insomnia board on the net somewhere.

In my opinion dreams are not totally meaningless and they DO represent some things happening in a persons life. For example when I found out my mom had a serious illness in real life that night I had some violent dreams with her in it. When my sister broke up with her long time boyfriend I had dreams of her driving around in circles in a parking lot with nowhere to go. So dreams do have something to do with things that you think or go through in your waking life. But horrible dreams dont mean that you are horrible or want to do horrible things. I think if you're emotionally troubled, then your current emotional state comes through in your dreams in some form but we can't take the dreams literally. I think that troubled emotions when a person is awake still continue on when we're asleep except when awake our rational mind filters these emotions and makes em come out in our thoughts one way that makes sense to our waking minds but when asleep they come out randomly and in broad general unfocused ways.

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