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Other than a severe problem with GAD, I am an otherwise healthy 45 year old female. I am relunctant to take xanax on a continuous daily basis. My doc wants me to take 1 mg morning and 1 mg evening. I have tried out with 1 mg per day total.....I try to skip the morning dose. Recently I've been under a tremendous amt of stress for multiple reasons.

This past Monday I went racing to the ER convinced I was having a heart attack (all the symptoms), but after a multitude of tests tests tests, everything was perfectly normal....didn't find anything.

Now here's the deal. When I DO take the xanax, I am extremely calm and can cope and even feel somewhat happy and content. When I don't take the xanax, I feel the anxiety, tension and stress creeping up more and more and more.

My questions: 1) does the xanax reduce the release of that cortisol stress hormone? or 2) does the xanax just calm you with no effect on the cortisol production at all ? I know the an overabundance amt of cortisol can be deadly if it's released over and over and over in our bodies.

Exactly how does xanax work do to calm me down so much ?

And also would it be beneficial for me to combine the xanax and klonopin so that I won't become too terribly dependent on any one in particular ??

PLEASE HELP WTH YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.....AT MY WITS END TO FIND SOMETHING THAT IS AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION!!!! My doc is a believer in prescribing meds if I would be open to accept that as a solution for my problem.

THANKS in advance for helping me,

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