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[COLOR=Red][QUOTE=KayT]HI Betty,

I was wondering how long you were on the Xanax and was 8mg a day your highest dose? I have been on the Xanax for a little over 2 months now and was up to 4mg per day (6mg for a day or two but that zonked me to much). I am now down to 2mg per day.........and when I drop it to 1.5 my body my pdoc is going to taper me very slowly down the road once I am off Zoloft and Ambien........(I know, what a mess, to many meds tapering here, that's why he's doing it one at a time). So sorry to ramble...........I was just curious, because I have only been on this for a short time and it seems to have already grabbed on to me........I am glad to be down to 2mg but am going to stick there for a while........

Thanks in advance for any info or advise you might have,[/COLOR]

I have been on Xanax for about ten/eleven years now. Eight was the highest except when I took an entire bottle just to see what it would do. When I hit eight it makes me feel like a walking chemical bottle. I don't feel over medicated, I just feel like I can taste Xanax with every breath.

That is Xanax, it grabs you right out of the gate. I swore that I was not an addict but I can't seem to get away from them. I use them for sleep. If I taper of and get down to a quarter and then none, I can't sleep. I have tried substituting other things for it, alcohol, pot, prescription sleeping pills, over the counter sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, etc. Nothing that I have used works. I went to an addiction counselor who wanted to do an inpatient withdrawl program. My insurance only covers that one time and then they don't pay all of it. I wanted to save that for something else. I have been completley off of Xanax several times but each and everytime I can't sleep or or some old injury flares up and the only thing that works is Xanax. They warned me before I first started taking it. I thought that it could not get me. I wallked away from so many addictions in my life without looking back. This is one drug that won't let me. I have tried the ten step recovery, etc.
Since you are new to this drug you might still be able to walk away. After you taper down if you can sleep then you have come farther than I seem to be able to come.
I have not had a real night's sleep in ten or eleven years. I haven't fallen asleep naturally in that long. Sad, huh..... I am thinking about asking my doctor for Ambien but that is just another addiction and I understand that you can accidently kill yourself with that one. I like a drug that won't kill me overnight.

Is the Zoloft for depression? If he takes you off of that your body might scream for more Xanax, I know that mine did when I quit anti-depressants. They set up this strange coctail. Anti-depressants for depression or OCD or Social Anxiety Disorder. Those have a side effects of jitters or not being able to sleep so they add in Xanax or some other drug for sleep. Then they wonder how to wean you off of all of these.

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