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First, anxiety attacks CAN hit out of the blue.

But you have a crazy list of chronic symptoms. I think you're doing the right thing by following up.

I was recently in the ER for a strange episode of dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, etc. that was determined a panic attack. My white cells were high and my blood pressure was 156/95. I realize your bp can go high when you're stressed, but I have chronically elevated bp and that's the highest mine has ever been. So, it does concern me. I've had panic attacks before and do have Generalized Anxiety, but this was different. It started with a sudden headache where my vision went blurry for a second. I didn't have half the symptoms you have and I'm going to follow up with a second opinion.

If you're young and they can't find anything obvious in your blood, they always say anxiety attack, anxiety attack, anxiety attack. I don't think I'm being a paranoid GAD idiot here, either. My mom used to be a nurse and she is encouraging me to follow up. I think the moment I told them I had a couple of anxiety attacks 3-4 years ago, they ran with it. But I have high blood pressure for my age and this is the 2cd time I've been told I have high white cells (which, too, can elevate under stress) when I didn't have an apparent physical illness such as a URI or UTI.

The telltale thing to me as well is that the treatments for anxiety aren't working with you. Sedatives, etc. would probably work for someone having panic attacks. At least heavy sedatives would.

I think you should keep getting other opinions if your MRI doesn't show anything.

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