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This could get long but I'll do my best to keep it short as possible!

Two weeks ago while sitting in a movie theatre I noticed my heart was beating really fast. When my husband and I came home I mentioned it to him and he listened and thought it was going twice as fast as his. We laughed, thinking it was nothing and decided to time it to see if he was right. His was 70 and mine was 130.

After realising the "normal" resting rate is anywhere between 70-90 I started to realise something was not right!! We monitored it for a while and finally headed to emergency just in case. I spent the day there while they watched me go from 115 to 160 by simply lifting my arm to scratch my face. At this point I had no other symptoms besides my heart beating out of my chest. They released me that same night, under the impression that the medication I've been on due to some neurological problems (Nortriptyline) was causing my heart rate to be elevated. They made me stop cold turkey that night until I could talk to my neurologist.

When I spoke to him, he said he has never had this happen before, only in elderly patients who had prior cardiac problems before taking the meds. Now we were getting a little worried, condsidering nobody knew why my heart was going crazy and it still hadn't slowed down.

About 2 days later I was having trouble breathing and quite a bit of chest pain. Back to the hospital, where they admitted me for 8 days to run a bunch of tests. Lung scan to make sure no embollism which was clear, blood work for magnesium, thyroid, blood surgar all clear, echo showed no signs, and holter monitor that recorded beats up to 188. This is all laying in a hospital bed!!! They also had me do a 24 hour urine test which won't be back for 4-5 weeks.

Because of the previous neuro problems I have a brain MRI coming up in 2 weeks to rule out MS. They released me thinking they'll know more when the urine test comes back and once we have the MRI as well.

I visited my family dr yesterday and she is trying to convince me that this is generalized anxiety disorder and chronic panic attacks. I've only had difficulty breathing once, and I certainly haven't been anxious while watching a funny movie I'm starting to feel like they're putting me off because they can't figure out what it is and they don't want to take the time to.

Should I just wait for the MRI and other results or should I be getting a referral to someone else? Should I just let this go? My heart is still pounding and my family isn't comfortable with me only being able to sit on the couch for fear of my heart going through the roof. Here is my big shopping list of symptoms:

- Blue feet and toenails when sitting
- Extreme fatigue - too tired to laugh or move at all
- Irregular periods
- Hair loss
- Night sweats
- Tingling in face, hands and arms
- Headaches
- Stiff feeling in eyes and vision problems - dyslexia with numbers and words
- Out of body feeling - brain shutting off for a few seconds at a time - vision is shifty instead of smooth
- Nauseous/no appetite
- Vertigo
- Sweating
- Pounding head when first standing up
- Chest pain
- Pink rash on feet when in hot shower

They tried me on 2 beta-blockers in the hospital and they made me feel worse - sick to my stomach and no energy, and they didn't do much to bring my heart rate down either!

My blood pressure was all over the place as well - 165 over something - that one set off an alarm and they came running into my room, and as low as 80 over something and the nurse asked me if I felt like I could pass out! I haven't fainted (yet)!

Another thing that was weird was they gave me Ativan and it didn't make me sleepy or make a difference with rate/pressure either.

Maybe at least the tachycardia will leave as fast as it came on?

Any opinions or advice are greatly appreciated!

I'm glad you got so many responses... aside from the feet rash thing, I had all those symptoms pop up 4 years ago when I was 23... I had EKGs and bloodwork, stress tests... nothing was wron with me physically, just mentally... my advice would be to accept that it is in fact anxiety, and work with it...

After my umpteenth fake heart palpitation chest pain episode, I strapped on my rollerblades and went out for a crazy long distance skate thinking "If my heart wants to give out, than I'll hekp it along..." Well I skated for 2 hours straight until I had no sweat or energy left... and my heart is still ticking...

Anxiety's a b*tch... it comes up with new and creative ways to make us think we're sick... I've had alot of the symptoms you mentioned.... dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, chest pain, arm pain, numbness in one side of my face, numb fingers, numb legs and feet, blurred vision, trouble breathing... I could go on forever...

Your body is much stronger than your mind is letting you beleive it is right now... trust me, you're fine... when I have a panic attack now I just laugh at how it snuck up on me... and try to figure out why it happened... sometimes it takes a day or two to figure out, but it's always linked to the same triggers (a bad day at work, an upcoming engagement I'm not looking forward to, trouble at the homefront, too much work on my plate, etc.)...

You think you can't have an attack during a funny movie? Our nutty brain chemicals can be released at anytime... I've woken up from a hard sleep and had a panick attack... just remember that it's just chemical... not logical...


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