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It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell how any one person is going to do on any particular antidepressant/anxiety med. I was started on Lexapro and couldn't handle the side effects at all. However, I was given 25mg Zoloft to start (super low dose) for my panic disorder and GAD. I've been on this dose for 1 month now and can honestly tell a difference from this low dose. I've had very little side effects (for the first few days, I had some sweating and loss of appetite) and am about to up my dose to 50. For me, I really think it is a good SSRI! I also have a lot of problems with derealization and my panic attacks tend to occur when derealization hits me. I've noticed that over the last two weeks, my derealization has been a lot better and therefore my panic attacks have been less.

Either way, if you are at the point in your life where you feel like med's are needed, don't give up if you take the Zoloft and it doesn't work for you. There are plenty of options out there.

Good luck!! :)
to dad,
try also to get some valium type side effects as these reduce zolofts early side effects, not all docs know this
zoloft is often started at a low dose of about half strength for the first 2 weeks

the worry is a separate problem, several books on how to stop worrying are available and they have much useful advice

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