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Mar 19, 2004
Alright, i dont know what I am looking for in responces, all I know is I am so fed up with other people additudes towards troubles in the mental health area!
My husbands sister (Ann we'll say)primarily! A couple months ago we were out at a bar MUCH to my unwanting to be there I got dragged out. And there was a number of girls all good friends with Ann and eachother!
So I was VERY anxious and nervous and shy and trying so hard to keep sain and not have a panic attack! I was feeling SO voulnerable as I have bad social anxiety especially!.
When they all went to up to the bar at the same time exept for Ann who stayed and was giving me funny looks. And I think to myself,
"Ok, i trust this girl right? I can talk to her, maybe explain why Im acting so odd?"
SO I start explaining to her that I have had social anxiety most of my adult like and its nothing personal to anyone i just really cant handle a lot of social outings unless I know everyone REALLY well and its a quiet, relaxed enviroment. I told her thats why I didnt want to come and thats why I was acting the way I was. I was sorry and maybe if I went for a walk to calm down It would help."
She gives me a sympathetic little rub on the arm says "o you poor girl" and thats that. a few days later Im at the house she lives in with her husband... and father.... (raised eyebrow) and my OTHER sister in law who is my husbands BROTHERS wife who I have always gotten along with. She takes me aside and was telling me all the bad things Ann had been saying about me the past couple days. That i was a SO rude to everyone at the bar and that I have NO right to treat people the way I do (which usually just involves me be being quiet and shy ad not coming out much) and that I am just the rudest person she has ever known."
All this AFTER I explained in black and white WHY i act the way I do!!??
She later that day told my husband to tell me to "STOP being depressed, because you CAN just NOT be depressed if you want to."
for one thing I never said I had depression and for another thing, no you cant stop having depression just because one day you DECIDE to!

I just dont know what to do about people like this in my life!
Anybody else deal with unreal crap like this in your life?
how do you deal with it?
thanks, sorry so long.

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