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I'm currently taking 20mg/day of Olanzapine for Psychosis, 7.5mg/day of Procyclidine for the sideeffects of Olanzapine and have now been prescribed 1mg/day of Lorazepam, I think as far as I know, for anxiety.

I'm only 15, it seems alot of meds to take for my age!

Just wondering if anyone has any problems with lorazepam, I understand I only have to take it for a few days?

Many thanks!
Hi mAtt, you dont sound psychotic to me, what have you been diagnosed with?

olanzapine/zyprexa is also used for anxiety, panic attacks and depression, your dose of it is the usual max.

lorazepam is a valium type med, quite safe.
Hi matt,
I take buspar for my anxiety everyday and lorazepam 0.5mg only as needed because lorazepam can be addictive.
best wishes
I take an antiphycotic called geodon. I was taking 160 mg a day. One dr said I was sz and another said phycotic. Who knows. I am also taking effexor. I was taking 300mg of effexor. I had no problems with anxiety before I went on to these medicines. Now years after my episode they are trying to back me off of the effexor and geodon and I am having lots of anxiety issues. So I am taking xanax. Not to thrilled about that but it works. Sounds like you and I have very similar health issues just taking different meds. Hope you feel better real soon.

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