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I'm currently taking 20mg/day of Olanzapine for Psychosis, 7.5mg/day of Procyclidine for the sideeffects of Olanzapine and have now been prescribed 1mg/day of Lorazepam, I think as far as I know, for anxiety.

I'm only 15, it seems alot of meds to take for my age!

Just wondering if anyone has any problems with lorazepam, I understand I only have to take it for a few days?

Many thanks!
Hi mAtt, you dont sound psychotic to me, what have you been diagnosed with?

olanzapine/zyprexa is also used for anxiety, panic attacks and depression, your dose of it is the usual max.

lorazepam is a valium type med, quite safe.
Hi matt,
I take buspar for my anxiety everyday and lorazepam 0.5mg only as needed because lorazepam can be addictive.
best wishes
Thanks for your responses :)

They believe I'm in psychosis - thats all I know really, confusing because my doc does'nt believe me when I talk about some stuff.

My grandma was schizophrenic too.

As for the lorazepam I don't know he said it would calm me down a little.

thanking youuu :bouncing:
to matt,
you may be better off seeing another doctor, I think you may have been wrongly diagnosed, your zyprexa dose is very high and doesnt seem to be doing much for you, or you wouldnt need the lorazepam, your grandmother probably has no effect on you

as to what you tell your doc, many 15 year olds have strong imafinations
stay with us
I take an antiphycotic called geodon. I was taking 160 mg a day. One dr said I was sz and another said phycotic. Who knows. I am also taking effexor. I was taking 300mg of effexor. I had no problems with anxiety before I went on to these medicines. Now years after my episode they are trying to back me off of the effexor and geodon and I am having lots of anxiety issues. So I am taking xanax. Not to thrilled about that but it works. Sounds like you and I have very similar health issues just taking different meds. Hope you feel better real soon.

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