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I have had anxiety for 3 months due to extreme back pain (I have had chronic pain for 8 years which I am able to deal with) I didnt understand what was happening to me, started with heart palpitation, nervous tummy, fear at loud sounds, fear upon waking, chest pains, bad reflux, head pain. I was a wreck. I eventually gave in a took citalopram, I took 10mg for 10 days as I am sensitive to anti-deps. I heard the first 2 weeks can be hell but persisted in the hope I would get better. For the first week I couldnt get out of bed for extreme nausea, bad reflux etc I was totally useless as a human being, after 10 days I upped it to 20mg oh my god, more anxiety, huge sweats at night and more palpitations. I was so ill I couldnt eat and lost half a stone. I decided to stop cold turkey, I felt better during the day although the sweats continued for a few nights. I think I will have to control this without drugs I am lucky my pain is almost back to its usual degree. I am glad others find this drug helps, to me I had feelings of - if this goes on too long I dont know how I can live with it, I started feeling bad for my husband running the house looking after everything, i could see in his eyes he was upset at what was happening to me and wondered if it would stop. I also had the pressure of getting better before a trip to oz next thursday. Thank god I feel so much better. I dont know how some of you live with this everyday, its not really a life is it? Any similar experiences. I am now scared at getting anxiety again.

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