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While E may not physically damage your brain (some doctors believe that it does) [url][/url]

it had long-term psychological effects on me. I used ecstacy for a little less than a year, about 20-30 different instances. There was about two times during this time when i was not using even using ex where I would start crying for absolutely no reason. I would have memory lapses. My close friends noticed that I have had personality changes. I've noticed changes in my cognitive abilites. I had a short bout with depression about a year after.

I understand that everyone's brain chemistry acts in different ways, and drugs effect people in different ways. Myself as well as my other friends who used ecstacy all agreed that it had affected our ability to function at our fullest during the times we took it, even during weeks that we didn't.

Long term ecstacy use and abuse is not good for your brain, plain and simple. (I use the word abuse because some psychiatrists believe that it does have some limited therapuetic use.) It may not occur to you now, or it may not affect your brain in the same way it did mine, but some things will happen.

Were not here to preach as if we were your parents. Preaching about alcohol or marijuana is one thing, ecstacy is quite another. We're here to stop you from making your anxiety symptoms worse and from further damaging your mental health. If what your hearing scares you it probably should; I was pretty scared when I discovered changes happening with myself and discovered information about ecstasy after I had taken it so many times. Take care of yourself and try to quit using Ex as soon as possible.

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