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[QUOTE=Tyler Pursley]alright my name is Tyler Pursley im 15 yrs of age on febuary the 7th of 2004 i had a trauma to the head while aggressive rollerblading that same day my friend 15 yrs of age died of a vascular malformation since then ive had 3 CT's a MRI, MRI/MRA, and a MRI/venous scan.....all comming back normal except the last test but that was ruled as something congential and not pathological well to list some of my symptoms.....

weird headaches
tinnitus and the full feelin in the ears
tight neck in the back
pressure to the back of my head
out of state of mind feeling/like im in a dream
weak sometimes/shaky
eye's not blurry but like have floaters

now everyone is sayin i have anxiety disorder but i dont wana believe it, i mean anxiety is big in my family starting with my dad and mom both having it but i feel im gonna die and like i have some really big diesease like ALS or something which i recently read about and all symptoms going for a spinal MRI now bcuz of that im just young and really worried so any advice is appreciated.....[/QUOTE] :angel:
you might have the form of anxiety called post traumatic stress disorder which usually happens after a terrifying experience meaning what happen to you and you're friend passing away on the same day you should really call your dr and see if they can help you i have severe anxiety and without lexapro and klonopin i don't know where i would be hope i helped kelleigh

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