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Re: Please help me
Apr 23, 2004
First let me tell you that I have felt like your screen name, very appropo.

Second..... Calm down. You are not going to die, unless you go out an hunt a wild polar bear with a knife :cool: . From what I have learned is that all of your recepter in your head are firing different because of the new drug. Its just a side effect. It will pass as your brain re-wires itself. The drugs are to help you but at first they need to get into your chemical process. Think of it like jumping into a pool of cold water, first shock then getting used to it, in no time it dosent feel as cold as it did at first.
I have found in my anxiety that it really is mind over matter. I do realize that when I was in those time of weird feeling that was easier said than done. I have been through it and now its is showing up in my rearvieew mirror. It will pass, you will get better. Instead of dreading it, sit back and laugh at it. I know I shouldnt say it that way but it helped me. Instead of thinking of dying think of it as living. Without the sensations ayou are feeling you would be in trouble, there is nothing to worry about if you can worry about it. I mean If you were in real trouble you would not be able to think about it.
Go for a walk. I know it sounds weird but do it. Take a cell phone with you if you feel that worried. When the panic starts in call a good friend. Talk about something that is enjoyable, liek how good it is that spring is here. Anything to get your mind off the negative thoughts. After the walk your body and mind will thank you by calming down. There is alot of pent up energy because of the fight of flight that we have programmed into us. If you dont go out there and burn off its 'fuel' it will internalize and that is when you feel thing that are 'unnatural' to a person in a calm state.

Try deep breathing exercie if you dont want to leave the house. Just sit in a chair and think about something calming to you. While thinking of something good (say a nice massage or a great looking beach) breath controlled and deep. Let your mind come and go but always try to focus on your good thought.
Try to find something funny on tv or watch some 3 year old neighbors play ring around the rosies and see how akward their bodies look while they are trying to figure out how to use them. I enjoyed being with my neighbors and their kids and watching this and thinking, boy if I had to learn to control my body like they are that would be fun, heh.

either way the choice is, as always, yours. No one else.

Keep on laughing

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