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Celexa can effect concentration so I can understand that, but......for myself......that is very minor for what Celexa has done for me. Celexa has changed my world from black and depressing to sunny and happy. This short response to you does not reflect the difference in my life and how dramatic it has been. This change didn't happen overnight, because my depression had not happened overnight. It takes at least 8 weeks to feel a difference. Just as a diabetic takes insulin or a person with high blood pressure takes meds, I needed meds for my problem. I was put initially on 40 mg of Celexa with Klonopin as a safety drug to be used on an as-need basis. I rarely took the Klonopin, but it was like safety feature when I went out in public because I suffered anxiety attacks socially (from October 2000 is when it became extremely noticeable). For instance, at work I might have 20-30 attacks a day. After awhile my Celexa was raised to 60 mg/l (this past July), the Klonopin became history. I am doing well as I write and I have been. I work in an office of 170 people. Most do not know I suffer from Social Anxiety/Depression, though I do talk to my friends about it and I am far from shy about discussing it if I feel I can help someone. Of course being on meds, I do not suffer this disorder so though I have it I don't have the symptoms -- I am very fortunate. I hope this gives you some hope. Roberta

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