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May 17, 2004
I have been visiting several boards over the past couple weeks (ms, brain and neurological disorders etc) and found that I seem to be in a limbo like others here.

It started with lower abdominal pain and a missed period which made me anxious about pregancy, cysts etc. Those were ruled out via multiple ultrasounds and such. A CT-Scan revealed something "abnormal" in the area but unclear and no diagnosis. I just went for a MRI this weekend to see if that produces a clearer picture.

Compounding this is the headache, persistent lightheadedness (like a fog but not vertigo) that began about 5 weeks ago (or just after the other pain). My doctor thought perhaps allergies (I've never had any) and we tried Claritin and Flonase but neither made any difference. She seems convinced that it isn't my brain (I fear MS, tumor etc). I have also had some tingling in my right arm and foot. I am posting here due to my obvious anxiety but also because I seem to have some symptoms others have that seemingly came from out of the blue and are as yet undiagnosed.

I should get MRI results Wednesday and my next request (about the dizziness) is to see a neurologist to check for underlying medical issues. How many tests and such did most folks have before realizing or figuring all was anxiety. I know stress can wreak havoc but it is hard not to imagine the worst and worry about all the horrible things I could have...

I have asked my Doctor for a referral to a mental health professional to at least help me talk through the anxiety and deal with whatever medical diagnosis come or don't come as I proceed through tests..

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