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Saint johns wart can be very good! takes time to work and can have a few side effects but not like drugs. Can have side effects like fatigue but usually goes in time, stay out of the sun without sun cream on! as it makes skin sensative. Start on 300mg a day and slowly increase as you get used to it, up to around X3 300mg a day.

5htp is an amino acid that raises serotonin like SSRI drugs, has some side effects but you may not get any as some dont. Can cause tummy aches but take with food if it does. Start on 50mg and increase slowly!

INOSITOL very good for panic attacks and OCD they say i have read great things about it! its a vitamin B, you take GRAMS of the stuff! people with OCD take up to or over 18 grams!! you get it in powder form and each 1/4 teaspoon is around 750mg so getting higher doses is easy and relitivley cheap. Said to be very calming. It raises serotonin also. Can cause gas! but that goes usually. Start from 500mg-1000mg and increase until you feel good.

SAMe (pronouced sam-ee) is a very strong natural alternative! works in under a week! has side effects but its still not a drug. Can irritate the stomach, but we are all different remember. Start on a low dose! some find with SAMe if its too strong take it every other day.

There are herbs that work after a few minutes unlike the above which are long term things which work over time and you have to take daily. Like kava kava, passion flower, valerian which are herbs but if you get bad panics they problem wont touch the sides really. But saying that valerian is good for sleep! so thats worth it if you lie awake going mad! LOL.

An amino acid called L-theanine is good for mild anxiety! works within 20 mins but no good for panic attacks does have a relaxing feeling though. is quite expensive!

If would give the SAMe or inositol a try first and if you dont get on with either of them or the side effects annoy you go onto the 5htp and when comfortable with that you can add saint johns wort if you feel you need too as they are together.

I would also add a vitamin B complex with all of them and fish oil! as the brain adores fish oil and lots of it! beware the fishy burps mind! get a brand called 'fisol' for that as they are specially coated to avoid that happening.

I have listed some of the best natural alterntives! they arent drugs but they can work like them! if not better i have found! so go slow and you can allways email me if you want any advice along the way :)

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