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Sorry it took me so long to respond. Here are some of my symptoms, if I can remember them all. :)

Dizziness ( not vertigo though)
Weird vision ( not blurry exactly)
Pains through all of my body
Stomach problems
Some nausea
Head pressure
Shallow breathing ( this is a new one)
Heart Palpitations
Heart beating feeling in my head
Problems getting to sleep
Metallic taste in mouth
Spaced out
Anxiety, and some panic attacks
Headaches in the beginning og this thing
Loss of appetite
Pressure behind my nose, but not stuffed up

I am so sorry to rattle on, there have been so many symptoms for the last few months. I really am a very happy go lucky person, but this thing has made me so miserable, and on the verge of depressed. My apartment management is giving me the hardest time, and denying it. I need a lawyer for this! I know for this time I have been reading your posts, because we felt the same. I hope you find a diagnosis, and don't let them tell you it's anxiety if you know it's not! I had to go with my heart on this. You start to beleive these doctors when they tell you something, but some of them know less than us!
Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. :wave:

Man Dizzygirl those are pretty close to the symptoms Abby and I have. How did you find out about the mold. Did it smell musty was your paint cracking or peeling. How long were you away before you started to feel better? Sorry for all the question but I am dying to find out why I feel this way. I so badly want to return to work my kids are driving me crazy!

Take care


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