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I was diagnosed with anxiety and perimenopause back in Feb. of this year. Now I haven't had a panic/anxiety attack in years, not since I had a thyroid problem in the eighties. My brother recently passed away in February and of course, I freaked! I know some of the symptoms of anxiety and I'm also in therapy cause I have experienced much trauma in my life and when my brother passed away, it must have fired off. So I have Post Traumatic Stress. Now, here's the question. I've been running back and forth to the doctor, all kinds of doctors. They all tell me it's perimenopause with anxiety. Okay, I'm 45 so I'm at that age. Great, menstrual cycles are strange, but hey such is life. What I don't understand is why the trembling on and off through the day, or I can be typing and my fingers are twitching everywhere. Also, I can feel my body tremble at times, sometimes feel dizzy, although the room isn't spinning, just feel my equiliberium off a bit here and there. This has been going on since end of February. Itis now almost June. I do have Xanax and seem to take a pinch of it around my periods since my anxiety is worse then. Okay, so now I've had my period and it's basically over and I can still feel the anxiety. My muscles twitch, eyes twitch, not all the time, but they do, can feel twitches in different parts of my body, legs feel crampy, not to mention IBS occasionally and also alot of neck pain on left side. Now I know I'm feeling stressed, for what reason I have no idea except still from trauma, since I was very traumatized by my brothers death. Therapy is going great, but just wondering when this trembling will go away or do I need to keep taking Xanax to even it out? Also taking the generic to Serafem or Prozac, gyne gave me 10 mg., only taking 5mg since I hate drugs. Maybe I should increase it since the standard is 20 mg. Anyone have any insight here that can give me a hand? Thanks


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