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Re: Please Help!
Jun 1, 2004
These are all possible symptoms of anxiety. Horribly long list, isn't it? But you'll find on this list both of the symptoms you're describing.

Smothering sensations and Shortness of breath
Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations
Chest Pain
Lump in throat & Difficulty swallowing
Skin losing colour (blanching)
Shaking or shivering (Visibly or internally)
Neck & shoulder pain & numbness in face or head
Rapid gastric emptying
Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea
Symptoms of urinary tract infection
Skin rashes
Weakness in arms & tingling in the hands or feet
Electric shock feeling anywhere in the body
Dry mouth
Fears of going mad or losing control
Increased depression & suicidal feelings
Symptoms like 'flu'
Distorted vision
Disturbed hearing
Hormone problems
Headaches & feelings of having a tight band around head
Sore eyes
Creeping or pins and needles sensations in the skin
Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell
Dramatic increase in sexual feelings
Pain in the face or jaw that resembles a toothache
Derealisation and depersonalisation
Smothering sensations and Shortness

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