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Hi indee93,

I'm really feeling your pain here. This is how my anxiety started out. When I was 10 or 11 I started having awful stomach aches after and during eating. They took me into hospital for testing because of my huge weight loss. The tests were barium meal, bloodwork and breath tests

It went away on it's own when I got to high school but came and went over the years, never so dramatic as the first bout however.

But just a couple of years ago I had a serious relapse and developed panic attacks too because all those years I'd been living with anxiety so GET TO A DOCTOR! If it is in fact anxiety, you don't want to end up like me lol. Cause I was a kid they dismissed it. Anyway I lost three stones over the course of about half a year and had all the bloodwork done. I was then diagnosed with chronic GAD.

Also, something to be aware of... The doctors kept prescribing me anti-acid drugs, and they got stronger and stronger the more they didn't help. Then it was anti-nausea, anti-spasm and anti-vomiting drugs I went through - because they didn't think of anxiety. If you think you might be anxious, say it! doctors are trained to look for physical disorders and wouldn't think about mental disorders as causing physical symptoms like yours. But do get the tests done anyway :)

All the best,
Lesley xxx

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