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Re: MY STORY, help
Jun 4, 2004
[QUOTE=jacqbu]I have never really told my whole story. I've asked questions and got some advise but I need to tell it all. This started for me 3 months ago now. I started with panic attacks. My legs would feel like jelly and the funny feeling that washes over you. Then I started to think I had a virus, one was going around at work. Went to the doctor they did blood work all came back negative. I kept having panic attacks and now with nausea. The doctor gave me Paxcil. It made me so nauseated I could hardly bare it. Then they gave me Zoloft, I felt comfortable because I had took it before. Same reaction. Then they tried Lexapro. I was so nauseated I ended up in the ER. In between all this they did a catscan, ultra sound, colonoscophy, and endoscopy. Said I had a little colitis. I woke up one night with my heart racing so fast and heat going up my chest to my face. Went to ER. they did a EKG, blood work, chest xray. All ok. Gave me a shot for anxiety, sent me home. My family Dr. said I needed a psychatrist made me an appt but couldn't see me for a month. I ended up at a mental clinic because I had got to where I couldn't eat, couldn't work, drive, go in stores, etc. I would cry alot too. Well if you are not suicidal, oh well. They gave me two Psy who would probably get me in sooner. Made an appt. the day of the appt. the Dr. called his car wouldn't start I need to rescedule. Lost all my confidence in that one. The other Dr. did fit me in. Told me to take xanax for two days to calm my nerves then keep taking it and Effexor. Did that for 8 days started to feel worse. Went back for my next week appt. The Psyc. had to leave the country on a family emergancy. Nobody to fill in for him might be back in two or three weeks. Called my family DR. told me to try the Zolft again which I have done the last 2 days. Today I am crying again in despair. I have an uncomfortable feeling in my chest almost all the time. Arms go to sleep at night, mainly the left. It feels weak sometimes. My heart races, anxiety in my stomach, insomnia, and depression. I also wonder if I'm going through perimenopause. I'm almost 43. I take thyroid medicine. I had that checked also. Been to a cardiologist, listened to my heart did a EKG. Ok. I don't drink or smoke and try to eat healthy. Do have a family history of panic attacks and depression. Can your hormones do this to you? Sorry so long but I needed to do this. I feel so desperate at times and only people who go through this understand. I need my life back.[/QUOTE]

Yes, your hormones can do this to you. When I first came down with the anxiety/panic, I couldn't stabllize either. Eventually, signed up for therapy with a psychologist/psychotherapist. I took Xanax and still was freaking out. My therapist told me I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ok. Finally after two weeks or so, I accepted that and it made me feel real good. Besides all of the above, I also was diagnosed with perimenopause. Thank God for my gyne, she's really good and I trust her. You can get anxiety pretty bad with peri, even with PMS. But also I was traumatized by my brothers death, thanks to the nurse who called me. Sometimes people have no heart. So I constantly re-live the nurses voice telling me my brother has died, but it was the way she told me, I totally freaked! Anyways, you will get all these body symptoms with anxiety and they are for the most, horrible. But you need to accept that you have anxiety. Then you need to find a psych who will work with you. If a psychiatrist fits the bill, ok, but maybe a psychologist will. You need to take the anti-depressant for at least 4-6 weeks before it will work. You can try Xanax or another anti-anxiety drug with it until the side effects calm down. But maybe they are not side effects from the drug. Maybe, it is still the itchiness of the anxiety still bothering you. One thing, go online in search engine and click in anxiety and anxiety symptoms. Be brave and accept the symptoms. I know how it is thiniking there is something wrong medically. There is not. You are healthy. People with anxiety are also very intelligent and creative. Now, once you read up on it, find a site that has exercises for you to do. Such as deep diaphragm breathng. Also, remember, read up that you are not gong crazy from anxiety. Normally, people who think they're going crazy or think they need to be put in the hospital are generally the sane people. But anxiety sometimes makes the brain spin and you think that you're out of control. You are not out of control, you just feel this way cause you're feeling anxious. I know about that edgey adrenaline feeling, had it, been there and still get it at times. I trembled for months, and still do. But eventually, you will find a mind connection to all of this, by your thinking and acting pattern. CBT is very good for anxiety. But it takes time. It just didn't happen overnight. Years of thinking put us where we are at today. And yes, it can go away. But you must retrain your mind. So, first, we both need to accept that we are healthy. We need to see if there is an underlying cause to our pain and illness feelings. In other words, why does our stomach hurt? Why are we nauseaus, is it something that happened that triggered this or are we holding on to something and don't want to let go because we would recognize the reason we hold on to it the first place? Read the book from Panic to Power. There are other good books on anxiety. Hope this helps.

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