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Re: Solange1965
Jun 13, 2004
Yes I was diagnosed about 10 years ago by a neurologist after driving my primary care doctor crazy with endless symptoms and debilitating fatigue. We did all the usual labs(blood and urine) to eliminate any obvious things although I did test positive for Hashimoto's hypothyroid. The thyroid was levelled with meds but my symptoms continued and so I was sent to a neurologist. At that time they were doing brain scans at a university hospital not far away and looking for volunteers who were suspecting they had CFS. So I had one done and the scan revealed the white areas that seem to be routine for CFS.

Additionally I had chronic swollen glands but the fatigue you are asking about has two sides. When I get into a flare-up which is when the symptoms are severe and brought on by almost any sudden upset, whether medically or a personal emotional issue, that kind of fatigue is like when you are trying to wake up from being under anesthesia. Just trying to get to the bathroom is exhausting. The flare might last a week or a few months. However the usual fatigue is managed by knowing how much you can do without finding yourself back in bed. It's an individual thing but mild exercise(yoga, stretching) is very important.

My CFS began after having a series of abdominal surgeries related to diverticulitis. I just never felt well after a long recovery time.

To my knowledge CFS is not curable but I have gone as long as a year without a flare, so that is a positive.
If I try and do more then I should(and it doesn't take much), my heart rate will race like crazy. There was not a headache problem for me but CFS does cause alot of body pain and there have been times I have needed strong narcotics during a flare. It also causes cognitive problems, forgetfulness, especially trying to concentrate and vision issues too.

That's why a neurologist has to diagnose this and not a primary care. Rheumatologists can diagnose fibromyalgia which is similiar to CFS but there are differences. I hope I have answered your questions, if not let me know...I wouldn't want you or anyone to have CFS, it's just another big bump in the road of life to deal with....Solange

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