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female, age 26

*lightheadedness/dizziness..worse during "attacks", but often present outside of them
*very frequent urination
*gassiness: both farting and belching
*buzzy feeling
*vision worse on some days than others
*feel hot with no actual fever
*pulse in high normal when at rest, slight to moderate tachycardia during attacks
*recurring, fleeting headaches on right side of head
*need to defacate, often diarrhea during attacks
*sensetive bowel in general
*shakiness/jitteriness, marked during attacks
*difficulty concentrating most of the time, very short attention span in general
*mood swings, sometimes within same day- can be running around happy in afternoon and in tears at night
*appetite not as good as it used to be
*feel dehydrated often, worse during attacks
*never get enough sleep..frequent waking to urinate
*almost constant sinus/head fogginess/pressure
*sometimes feel way too keyed head is spinning
*tightness in chest that comes and goes- bad during attacks
*often feel like I'm going to pass out during attacks, but never do
*feelings of unreality during attacks
*assorted aches and pains
*occasional numbness/tingliness in palms, arms, usually during attacks
*attacks often occur or start to occur when I've been food-deprived for several hours.

*have been to emergency room, physician, and endocrinologist. waiting on adrenal tests, but CBC, thyroid, glucose, etc checked out fine so far except white cells a little elevated during 2 ER visits. CAT scan on brain showed nothing obviously abnormal.

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