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Yes it feels the same sometimes more severe, many people will have an occasional panic attack sometime in their lives, yet never have panic disorder. A panic attack is the feelings you are describing and they happen for no apparent threat, ie., having an accident that leave you shook up etc. There is nothing present that is real, yet we get some or many symptoms, shortness of breath(more of a suffocating feeling for me), dizziness, rapidheart so much you feeling your having a heart attack or dying, cant think straight when it happens, jelly legs, shaking, sweating, etc. The list goes on. It leaves you with such an intense fear after it subsides, that you fear another. Sometimes leaving the individual to avoid leaving home or a safe place they feel comfortable, for fear of the what if I have another one?

To be diagnosed as having the disorder, you have to experience these attacks for a minimum I believe of 4 times a week. Most have them 2-3 times a day, and yes that can last for hours.

Anxiety attacks are a lesser degree, with a few of the above symptoms, usually not accompied by an extreme fear of having another, and do not happen on a daily basis.

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