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[QUOTE=kaley]Ok....I think that I have had about enough of this constant worry and I need some input!!! Why is it that every single day I worry that I am going to have a heart attack? All day and every day I feel like my left arm is aching and I have a constant pressure like feeling in the middle of my chest!! I went to the ER last month and the DR. preformed an EKG and said I was just fine and that it was all anxiety!!! Does anyone else think about this constantly??? I have been taking celexa for about a week now and every so often a xanax....any little twinge or pain in my chest sends me into complete panic.....WHY???? Please someone help me!!![/QUOTE]

Kaley, I have suffered with depression and anxiety for the last 5 years. This is just the way anxiety is. It makes you have irrational thoughts. Although the pain is *real* it not what you THINK it is. Does that make sense? I know its hard. I hope that the Celexa helps you -- give it time, sometimes it takes awhile to kick in (esp for the anxiety part). I took Celexa 20mg for 4 years and did really good. So good actually that I tried going off it -- well that didnt work so well. I have a chemical imbalance due to the depression and anxiety and I am going to have to be on these drugs (or something like them) for the rest of my life --- which seems like a very long time since im only 25 right now. But thats ok, I know they help me so I am OK with that!! I am currently on Lexapro -- which is the new and improved Celexa -- and I am doing pretty good (Ive been on it for about a month now). Anyway just wanted to let you know that we here understand -- most of us here im sure can relate to what you are saying, and i sure know i can. If I have a headache, I fear its a tumor. If my chest hurts - its a heart attack. The list goes on and on and on ... and I, like many others here, have had many many tests done and they all come back normal -- with the drs saying ITS JUST ANXIETY!!!! Anyway, best of luck to you ... and please feel free to keep in touch!! :angel:
Stacey :)

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