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Re: Xanax
Jul 7, 2004
This is just my opinion, but if I were you I wouldn't get so excited about the xanax...was this prescribed to you?
My doctor prescribed 1.5mgs a day for my severe depression along with my Wellbutrin...when it wasn't helping he uped the xanax to 3mgs a day....I started feeling better and I contributed it to the xanax which in fact it was the wellbutrin that finially kicked in.
But anyway, my body has become dependent on the drug....I do get the shakes in between dosages and I started doing some research on the drug...and sure enough I had all the symptoms of being addicted to it....I have gone down to 1mg a day now, but I just can't get myself off the rest of the way...without it I shake real bad and can't sleep at doc says I may have to go into an inpatient detox if I can't kick this drug.
All I'm saying is do your research, and be very's certainly not a drug to play around with!

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