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[QUOTE=Silverlining]My doc gave me a prescription for Xanax to use prn. I haven't taken it yet. Just wondering what those who have think of it. I'm not worried about it being addictive since I don't plan to take it too often, just that it will make me too sleepy or spacey (even though it's only 0.25 mg). Thanks for any info![/QUOTE]

Dear Silverlining,
I take xanax 1mg every 6 hours. I am actually taking it as a pain killer now because of another neurological and physical disorder. I took it for extreme panic attacks at first and I still have some minor symptoms when I let the panic get out of managability. I will say one thing to you and everyone else that will seem to contridict some of my writting helping people with benzo (xanax) side effects and such: If you can get past this with some type of therapy such as CBT then do so for your own sake. If you only require 0.25mg to stop panic attack symptoms then you can do this without the medications. You should try every avenue before medication and if you have to go on one then an srri would be better then a benzo. If you have to go on a benzo, klonopin would be a better choice since it lasts longer. For some of us medication is the only answer but it should be the last resort. A lot of people will tell you that you can take xanax as needed but it will always be a cruch and the more you use it as such it will become more frequent in use. Xanax was developed for short term usage only, not as needed or to be on it for years. My opinion of xanax, "it is the only way I can function at all". Taking medications sucks period but if that is what you have to do then that is it. Just don't think that meds or especially one of the most potient (xanax) is the only answer to your disorder. Try anything before the meds and take the lowest dosage of any medication that you need to stabilize your conditon. Good luck


Sickman :)

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