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Hi Folks,

Sorry to make this long, but I want to explain my symptoms in as much detail as possible, so others can possibly relate.

I'm 26 years old, male, normal weight, non-smoker, non-drinker, never seen a doctor in my life before this. It all started a little over a month ago when I did some cardiovascular exercise and got a little dizzy. The next morning at work, I started reading up on possible causes of dizziness. When I came upon heart-deficiency issues (which have always scared me), it must have freaked me out because I wanted to pass out, like as if someone momentarily took my brain out of my head, but I didn't actually pass out. I came back home, all shaky and sweaty, where my girlfriend (who has a history of panic attacks, now controlled with Paxil) suggested I had experienced a panic attack. That whole week, I had MANY symptoms of anxiety come and go. I went to the ER twice, did ECG's, emergency blood tests, all normal. The 5 doctors I saw all said it was anxiety and that I need psychological help.

Fine with me, but a few symptoms which have been with me since the beginning are still with me 24/7 and have even gotten worse, which is causing me even more stress...

- The spacey feeling is severe right now. My eyes seem to not be in sync with my brain. If I even think about passing out, it triggers a fainting spell. But I never actually faint. My breathing and heart rate stay nice and slow through these dizzy spells. I'm able to keep my cool since I know from past experiences that I won't pass out.

- Head pressure almost all day, every day. It's like a headache wants to come out, but the pressure in my head is dominating, so I never actually get a headache, just a lot of head pressure. The feeling of passing out ALWAYS coincides with a heavy pressure in the bridge of my nose and in my head. When I take Advil to relieve the pressure, it usually relieves the fainting spells as well. But all all starts again the next day.

- Last week, I started waking up with nausea every morning. This lasts all morning and goes away by lunch time, or when I have a bowel movement. It makes me even more stressed thinking that I have liver disease or something.

- The spacey feeling is worse when I don't sleep well. And much worse in fluorescent lighting! I felt really bad yesterday at Wal-Mart. It gets better when I'm at home watching TV in the evening. Driving a car actually helps reduce the feeling as well. But staring at the same spot, such as a computer screen makes it worse, and sometimes triggers a fainting spell.

- Bowel habits have changed. Stools have changed color, a little paler than usual. There are always little "fibers" attached to the sides of the stools. Not smooth and shiny like it was before. Sorry, I can't explain it better than that. Not that you would want me too anyway. ;)

- Very tired, sleepy and weak on most days. Can't concentrate. Will probably get fired soon because of this. I can't imagine finding another job with this state of mind. Completely unmotivated. Luckily, I have a week's vacation next week.

- Muscle weakness/tension. I went to play a 9 hole of golf last week and my legs are still stiff!

- My arms and legs fall asleep very easily. If I fall asleep with my arms at a 90 degree angle, they will get numb and wake me up.

- Aches and pains everywhere! What worries me the most is a dull bone pain that I have at several places. Does anybody else have bone tenderness (not in the joints)?

- Getting more and more depressed and stressed.

I guess what I find the most discouraging is that after all these years of being frightened of going to a doctor and finally being able to do it, they do nothing. They did the finger to nose test, follow the flashlight test, walk on your tippy-toes test, checked my heart with a stethoscope and ECG. Well, this is Canada, it's free. I guess you get what you pay for. I don't have a family doctor, and finding one will be a lengthy ordeal. And an appointment won't come before mid-2005.

So, after all this, I still wonder if I have a brain tumor, or a hemmorhage (since I have had hypertension (whitecoat) all my life and that this all started with exercise). And now, with my sudden onset of nausea (and I NEVER get nausea), I think that I've got liver cancer or another type of cancer that has spread to my brain causing the dizziness. I've had acid reflux since I was 16 years old. Maybe I have gotten esophageal cancer that has spread to my brain. Or MS, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, you can see the extent of my health anxiety! It's bad. Really bad. I was never like this before. I would simply brush off any symptoms I had. A few months ago, I stained the toilet with bright red blood. I just said "Bah, it's a hemmorhoid". Now, I can't help freaking out about every little symptom. So, it would help me a lot if you guys could relate to some of those symptoms I described.

But for now, I just wish I could find something to make the constant spacey feeling go away since it's my main cause of anxiety. I can't function normally anymore. I am willing to try anything at this point. [B]Has any medication worked for anybody's spacey feelings?[/B]

Thank you so much!

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