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Hello, I'm anxious person. After years of dealing with these symptoms, enough doctors telling me that it is anxiety, and the support of this board I'm now finally convinced. The drugs have helped me feel about 50% better and I'm greatful for that but I've come to terms with likelihood that I will be suffering from this, to some extent, for the rest of my life. I remember 4 months ago, when things were at their worst, I didn't think I was going to live much past my 20's. Now I'm begining to experience recovery and my attitude has changed. But what are the long term effects of our condition? Are we more likely to have heart failure in our 60's then if we symptom free? What types of illness, organ failure, life expectancy does anxiety impose on us?

Well I can only tell you what I know from my own family experiance.
My Grandfather suffered with panic disorder and lived to be in his 90's.
My Mom also suffered with it and died at 63...her death had nothing to do with her panic disorder in any way.
anxiety and panic attack sufferers dont die young also they seldom have heart problems
Has a symptomatic person (dizzyness, faintness, etc ...) ever fully recovered from anxiety ?
At one point in my life I was symptom free for 7 years, the attacks did come back after that 7 years, but now they're gone again.
Graciecat, did you continue medication during the years with symptoms and without symptoms? Were the symptom's return associated with a stressful event?

I took the medication while I was having symptoms and then I got up one day and the symptoms were gone right out of the blue...that's the way they came second I was fine and the next I was scared to death and had no idea why.
Once the symptoms were gone I weaned off of the medication.
After I weaned I didn't touch a pill for years and then one day the symptoms were back...out of the blue just like the first time.
I went back on the medication at that time and the same thing happened, I got up one day and they were gone so I weaned off again.

So nothing stressfull at all happened either time, they just came.
I've just always assumed that it happened that way because it seems to run on my Mothers side of the family.
My Grandfather had it, my Mom had it and so do several of my cousins...but I'm the only one of my siblings who has it.
When I was DX'd with it that's when my Mom told me that she had suffered with it too.
It was several years later that I found out about my Grandfather and Cousins.
I can relate, have had every battery of testing known to man, went into k mart today and was looking around got a terribe hot flash and dizzyness and havent felt right since, severa hours ago, shaky, weak and goofy in the head like a feeling of unreality, I had just come from yet another dr appt prior to this to check out thyroid etc and she said nope, all panic and anxiety disorder. It really makes you feel awful and convinces you that you are terminally ill. Anyone else feel this way?

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