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Didn't you use to post on the Inner Ear Boards?

Anyway, my take on this is that anxiety can cause and/or increase other symptoms, like dizziness. But (my opinion only) the dizziness that's caused by anxiety ISN'T like the dizziness that's caused by (for example) an inner ear infection or sinus infection. I've been dealing with a woozy head for some time now, and in the past when I have had anxiety attacks or high stress, this type of wooziness was not part of my anxiety pattern. I went to more than a few doctors for my disequlibrium issues, as well as a counselor, and all were in agreement that my symptoms were not a result of anxiety.

Most dizzy symptoms that come with anxiety is usually due to shallow breathing (hyperventillation) or forgetting to breath (holding your breath).

Granted, when I am stressed, my woozy symptoms can increase. The same if I have a cole. For me, if I get a cold, my wooziness increases.

I never heard of sinus problems being linked to anxiety disorders. I know disequilibrium disorders ARE linked to anxiety disorders. Most people who develop balance or inner ear conditions that affect their balance on some level, will also experience anxiety attacks from those symptoms.
Hi 'Danes,

Ha, I know what you're saying about the symptoms really "ruining your life at the moment". Been there. Today I am really feeling my head symptoms.

For me, as I've said, I do not believe anxiety is causing my disequilibrium symptoms. I know that stress can ADD to that, like it can add to any other symptom that might be physically going on, but it's not the cause.

At one point, I even went to a therapist just because it was suggested that my anxiety was caused solely by anxiety. The therapist stated that he did not feel anxiety was the root of causing my imbalance problem.

If you have a moment, check out the Inner Ear Board (where I am a frequent poster) - you may get some ideas about your symptoms there.

Take care.

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