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What dosage of Lexapro are you currently on? If your on a low dose, I would probably bump it up and wait another month or so (since you are not having any bad side-effects and are at least feeling some improvement). If you are already on a high dose, maybe it is time to switch.

I do have another question -- what is your number one problem with anxiety? I mean, do you have panic attacks and worry about your health, or is it more like you are constantly keyed up? Also, what other meds have you tried (if any)?
Since you are on a low-dose of Lexapro, it truly might help to up it to 15 or 20. Paxil is helpful, but a lot of people suffer from side-effects and weight gain. I would try to stay on the Lexapro if possible. Obviously, if it doesn't work too much at a higher dose, you may look to change.

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