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Please guys, I need reassurance. Am I the only one feeling spaced out constantly??? Not "MOST of the day", not "ALMOST constantly". I'm talking about every minute of every day, from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.


Only just seen this thread. I've felt like this constantly for five years. I was told for years that it was anxiety, but I've just (finally!) seen a neuro-otologist who says that the anxiety is another symptom, [I]not [/I] the underlying cause of these feelings. After extensive vestibular testing, I've been diagnosed with MAV (migraine-associated vertigo) affecting my left inner ear, which may have been damaged by labyrinthitis 13 years ago, and middle-ear problems on the right. I also have recurrent sinus problems. I haven't started on medication yet (only got my test results back on Friday) but I'll let you know what happens. She's also recommended vestibular rehabilitation therapt (VRT).

Push for a referral to a neuro-otologist (sometimes known as an oto-neurologist) for thorough vestibular testing, as these spacy feelings are very, very common in inner ear disorders. Are you in the UK? If so, try to get a referral to Linda Luxon in London.

Good luck.

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