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[QUOTE=junior26]I have accepted that it was anxiety since day one, but I'm still spaced out 24/7. I really can't control the anxiety. It's getting worse even though I think of it less. I'm beginning to think I have an adrenal gland problem.[/QUOTE]

It is adrenaline, it is a part of the anxiety/panic/stress disorder. But if you keep thinking about your adrenaline glands and a disease or disorder there, all you are going to do is cause adrenaline over adrenaline effect and you are going to be in panic mode. Just don't worry about your adrenaline glands. If you want, you can ask your doctor for the test and the ACTH test which will tell what your pituatary gland is doing, but really, it is the cortisol out of the adrenaline glands that is causing your havoc and the only way you are going to get it to calm down is to walk through your symptoms and try your hardest not to pay attention to them. I know this is difficult, I still stumble, but at least try and you will find alot of your symptoms will eventually/gradually disappear.
[QUOTE=junior26]It's difficult to "try" to not think about something, isn't it? If I try not to think of an elephant, I think of an elephant. But I think that we see your point.

But most of us, I'm sure, are trying to go about our daily lives, but it's still there with everything we do. As for me, I don't keep myself from doing anything or from going anywhere. But the feeling is always with me, no matter what I do, no matter where I go. It really sucks. The docs refuse to run specific tests on me (I'm in Canada) and tell me to see a psychologist, and my psychologist at the Montreal Anxiety Clinic told me to go back to the hospital for further testing because he has never heard of 24/7 dizziness as a result of anxiety. :([/QUOTE]

Hey, I feel for you, cause I know how hard this is. I'm not clean from it either and I suffer from Post Traumatic STress Disorder. So I know how those panic attacks can be. I just read material, as much as I can on the subject PD, PTSD, GA, etc. and take the positive ends of it and keep moving on. But if you're Psych is telling to to have tests, get a letter from him/her and take it back to the hospital for testing. If the tests come back all normal, then you will know that you are okay. It's just anxiety. You might have something like an inner ear disorder that can cause dizziness. I know plenty of people who have this. Get a full exam, from head to toe to ease your mind. Will Canada do this for you?

I can't believe how hard it is for some of you to find a doctor. It's so easy here,(aust) we just go to any medical centre and make an appointment. It must be hard.

18 months is a long time to be feeling this way. My thoughts are if you have ruled out inner ear / thyroid / blood pressure problems etc. then try a chrio or osteopath.

My osteo told me that when people are stressed and anxious, they hold their bodies rigidly without even realising it. I've been having terrible pain across my butt (I think they're glut muscles) and I've only just begin noticing that I constantly hold them tense. Anyway, holding your body like this over an extended period of time realigns your muscles / bones. This can cause pressure on the many tiny nerve endings. Apparently the ones in my neck were bunched up, causing head problems such as headaches, dizziness, spaciness etc. I must stress here that 1 or 2 treatments wont do anything, it takes a few months to put everything back where it should be. This is the same principles as in Yoga. That is designed to realign your body properly.
Have you all tried the osteo/chiro angle? I think it would be worth it, plus it just makes you feel better too. There's a manager at my work who has severe dizziness, to the point of nearly passing out several times a day. He has had every test known to man, MRI scans etc, inner ear. They can't find a thing wrong with him. He still hasn't been to the osteopath, but I am urging him to now try that. It's important to rule everything else out, then you have nothing to lose by trying.

Let me know if you guys have tried, or if anyone has had success. Remember, it's a treatment program, not a couple of sessions.


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