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Hi, I'm new here.

Has anyone noticed an association between anxiety attacks and fluorescent lighting? I've been wondering about this for sometime, but am becoming more and more convinced.

I've noticed symptoms when I'm in malls, supermarkets, some office buildings, etc. I feel very light headed, disoriented, fuzzy vision, nauseated, anxious, weak, fatigued and feel like I'm going to pass out. (I never have actually passed out in my life, though). I have to sit down and wait for it to pass, which can take a long time - it normally only resolves itself after I leave the envioronment.

I used to wonder if I was hypoglycemic, or if I hadn't eaten - and would quickly have some food and drink, but it doesn't help. Anyhow, I'm not hypoglycemic, I had all the blood work done. In fact, when these symptoms first began (about 15yrs ago), I had zillions of different tests done, and everything came back normal.

I was told it was caused by anxiety, and for many years I've just accepted this "diagnosis" as there certainly is a huge anxiety factor involved here. But I've remained convinced that there is some trigger that causes it, besides it being purely psychological.

Recently, I was at a meeting at a certain office (never been there before), and within 1/2 hour I started getting these symptoms, including my throat tightening up. I thought maybe I was nervous, although I certainly wasn't consciously aware of it. Then I had to go back to the same office a few days later, met with a different person, and without notice within 10mins, there it goes again! Very frustrating and embarrassing, as all my attention then has to go on trying to keep myself feeling and "looking" normal.

I try to do breathing exercises to center myself.

After leaving the building, I'm feeling absolutely fatigued, very sick to the stomach and again terribly light headed and nauseaus. It resolves itself in about an hour or so.

The connection between fluorescent lighting and anxiety attacks is becoming too hard to ignore now.

Anyone experience the same, or know of any websites or info they can point me to? I'd appreciate any help/suggestions, etc.

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