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Hi there,

I've been dealing with about 4 months of constant vertigo now. Its been slowly getting better and I think it is on its way out, but it has caused me alot of anxiety. I also have panic attacks and have developed a little bit of agoraphobia. So the doctors have given me Leprexo. Anyone know anything about this drug or its effectiveness with anxiety and panic attacks? Ive also been very worried about the side effects. I just get really scared hearing about how anti depressants can give you suicidal thoughts. Anyone with any information on this?

Also... with all of this vertigo and dizziness, I had myself convinced that I had a brain tumor. I constantly thought about dying and was constantly scared of it. I had an MRI but only half of one because I had a panic attack. Now the doctors said that they didnt find any brain tumors or multiple sclurosis. All they said they found was that my sinuses were full of junk ( ive always had sinus problems). BUT even after this I still worry about having a brain tumor. I worry that because the MRI wasnt a FULL MRI that they may have missed something. Im so sick of worrying about this. I just want to grab a doctor and hear them say "YOU DONT HAVE BRAIN TUMOR> WE ARE 100% SURE. JUST RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE." I always look for symptoms of a brain tumor too. I have always had migraine and sinus headaches ever since I was a little guy and I get them ever so often. Now when I get them I wonder about a brain tumor.

Any advice

I think that you can trust that you don't have a brain tumor based on your half of an MRI (no, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV :) ) - I suffered a major sinus infection in 1995 and was sure I was dying of a brain tumor - vertigo, sleepiness and a myriad of other symptoms. I was sure it was that or MS. I had an MRI and it finally put that fear to rest. Unfortunately, that entire episode was enough to create an anxiety-ridden way of thinking that I now live with daily.

I think you have enough reassurance based on your MRI to stop worrying about that. Just don't replace it with a new worry and don't symptom surf on the Internet - it just adds to the anxiety !

vertigo can be caused by anxiety and many other things, lexapro is doubtful, IMO, it may reduce the anxiety and panic attacks but can have strong early side effects, have you tried valium type meds

the sinuses can be washed out with a netti pot or similar, clogged sinuses can of course cause dizzyness

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