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Hello everybody,
I was wondering what anyone thinks my syptoms could mean
I was having problems with my inner ear about two months ago, I was very dizzy. Well I panicked all the time and cried. I did not eat a lost a looot of weight.I went from 120 to 100 in almost two months and I'm 5'4. Its hard to eat when you feel so dizzy. The doctor said I have fluid in my ears and gave me some flonase. It lightened up a bit but now my nerves are shot. Anyway, I was starteng to eat more when I got a burning sensation in my stomach with bloating. I was givin prevacid and no longer have the burn but I have horrible bloated I feel it everywhere, My chest my throat my ribs. I am also nauseas a lot. Do you think it is nerves along with not eating. I dont understand I eat very small and still get very bloated. Please someone help. It gets so bad I cant take a deep breath. I have a doctor appointment this thursday for an ultra sound and wondering if there is anything I should discuss with the doctor. My stomach also makes funny noises also. I feel like there is a pit in my stomach. Can this be anxiety? I had a blood test for H pylori and it came back negative. I am so scared that now this is really freaking me out. All I do is cry. I also have post nasal drip and I dont know if the post nasal drip could be causing this or not but it feels like I have a lump in my throat, I feel it when I swallow. Its right under my jaw in the middle. Sometimes it hurts and my neck muscleds feel tight. Someone please help, Could this possibly be stress or anxiety related? I have had panic attacks in the past and now it feels like I am in a constant state of panic. But then I feel like I wpuldnt be panicky or crying if I felt better. :eek:

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