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I don't know if this advice will work for you but it is something I have been trying to do for a long time and I have to admit I am still working on it because everything just takes time. I know how you feel about thinking the anxiety is ingraved in your body and now that its there and you are so used to it that it will never leave. I know this sounds corny but you just have to learn to accept it (and this is by no means easy!) I think I and other people suffering from anxiety make things worse by wishing that it would just all go away and wishing that we could have our old lives back and be how we used to be. Before when I had that mindset my life was hell and very depressing. Now I'm in the process of learning to accept my "disabilty" and I've been changing "I hate this damn anxiety disorder it has ruined my life" to "I have this anxiety disorder and it has caused me to change but also has helped me and is still helping me to become a stronger person and embrace all the beautiful things in life". I've actually noticed that my self-esteem and confidence is growing TINY steps at a time. I also recommend checking out some books from the library in the self-help section on things that strike your fancy because I've been reading a lot and it helps me to feel like im not crazy, incapable and weak. We are all in this together and I know that all of you will get through this stupid disorder (or learn to control it) but it just takes time. Don't rush anything.

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