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Wow i cant believe i even went to my counselor meeting today at 10:30 am. I SERIOUSLY was not even going to go. Ifelt like whatever its going to be a waiste of time *which it might have been* and that i didnt need to go because i havent really been depressed as i was 1 week ago.

So anyway I went to the meeting and she made me sit on this couch.yeh its basically just like what u see on tv when someone is talking to a shrink *snickers*. Basically most of the questions were about my shyness and having a lack of a social life. She asked some questions about my childhood, teenager yrs and collegeee blah. I told her i was always shy and that in kindergarden my dad had practically drag me toschool. LOL. i remember those days. I would cry and go, "i dunno wanna go." But i grew out of that and made friends in elementary school even though i still was shy.

Then there were questions about college. I tolld her how i joined an organization on campus *not going to say what it is but im sure u guys now*, and that i felt it was a waiste of time because everyone had t heir own little "cliques" and then there was just me lonely. So i stopped going to the meetings, blah. I told her how my parents were telling me that i need to join crap and blah. She said that joining stuff will solve half of the problem but not completly.

Then she asked if i ever got nervous in situations or any anxiety. *yeh i know she was trying to see if i had social anxiety disorder*, so i said no which is true i dont get nervous, sweating or anything but that when i meet new people my mind goes blank or i think of something to say but cant get it out. BLAH..blah blah. She said though im SHY, im very MOTIVATED, which i do agree on.

Then she asked if i was depressed and felt low.. *BASICALLY most of the questions she asked, I would of asked myself*. I know all about psychology since my minor is in psychology so i knew where she was going with this *trying to see if i had any depression or bipolar*. SO i said yes i was depressed the first 2 weeks of school and she said how long were u depressed and i said just some of the day when i started thinking about things. I told her how i was hardely depressed at home also.

The most embarassing question was when she asked if i assumed alcohol. I said yes and then she said how much and how long ago. I told her about 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago.She said do u drink alot and i said no just once or twice a month*which is TRUE but not in Aug and part of Sept LOL*. She said how much did u drink in one period. I said almost a whole thing of 15% alcohol and she said thats alot. And im thinking yeh yeh. She asked if i got sick and i said no. Then she told me how some college students she conseled told her that the drank everyday or frequently and im thinking woah holy ****. SO i felt less bad about myself from hearing that.
SO im sure she couldnt figure me out completttly since im a mess. So she says i should do a PERSONALITY questionare TEST that has 50 questions of yes and no to see what the picture is internally. thats about 50 dollars for the questionare. ***. But i guess ill do it. This might be seriously a waste of time but who knows.

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